DJ James

Dj James Squires – Known on DJ mixing download sites as eSquires

Listen to this eSquires’ mix while you browse… Commodores into Kroyer into FloRida

Not many DJs have the ability to crossover so effortlessly from Pop, Country, Oldies, Jazz, Rock, Folk Rock, Blues, Funk, Latin and Disco to the latest Top 40 hits. Song selections from the 70’s / 80’s dance music into the present top 40’s and everything in between allows the event to reach many people with different tastes.

DJ James Squires

Spinning old fashion records since the Disco Days РJames had collaborated with owners to build several discothèques in southern California and was the primary DJ for grand openings and weekends for many years. Having a background in music and theatre he has the unique ability to make every show a dynamic memorable event.

Squires has performed through the technical revolution in the DJ industry over his multi-decade career, seeing DJs move from vinyl to CDs towards digital vinyl systems, and now controllers. But for Squires connecting with the crowd is paramount and a desire to get people to enjoy & move to the music that they love.

His background playing percussion offers him an excellent insight into the blending of beats and with a musical background as vocalist he can mix the various keys of different tunes into pleasant segues. Having worked at progressive radio station WBUS in Miami, FL offered him the experience and advantage of mixing Jazz, Rock and Blues in an on-air format.

DJ James Squires


Birthday / Anniversary / Quinceanera Party:  I like to get the 4 or 5 closest friends of the Guest(s) of Honor to submit songs that they know they would like to hear in advance. I then build a set list around those tunes.  Keep in mind that the maximum number of songs that can be played over a 4-hour period would be around 50.  So, if they can suggest 40 or so that would be excellent.

Wedding Receptions: I like to ask the wedding party (Bride, Groom, Bridesmaids and Groomsmen) to all help to submit a list of songs they would like to hear and dance to. This makes for the best event since everything it targeted to their exact preferences. Keep in mind that the maximum number of songs that can be played over a 4-hour period would be around 50.  So, if they can suggest 40 or so that would be excellent.

Live Requests are always a problem for DJs as they always come when the DJ is busy mixing. James uses RequestNow which is a simple request system that audience members can “text to” right from their phones. Knowing what the audience is interested in hearing can really help a DJ understand the best fit for each individual event. Just before their song is played they get a notification that their song is next. This also limits the covid exposure (6 ft +) between the audience and the DJ stand.

Master of Ceremonies

His background as Master of Ceremonies over the years presents a calm, in-charge and often funny presence. His first professional shows as MC were when he was 17 at various Miami Beach hotels (i.e.- Algiers, Fontainebleau and Eden Rock).

James can provide lighting and sound system to fill small to medium sized indoor and outdoor events. Volume levels can be kept low as the Bose sound system is so clean that every note can be heard from anywhere in the room. Yet it has the ability to “turn up the volume” as the event progresses into the dancing hours.

Bose Sound System

A small but powerful Bose Sound System fits into tight places and sounds incredible. Dual bass sub-woofers drive the bass & drums for the dance beat and the 180 degree spread of the tower speakers will reach into all areas without being overly loud. Several smaller outer speakers can be placed to fill in other areas or outdoor spaces.


DJ Gig Bar for Lighting & effects. This small portable lighting system can provide mood lighting for dinner / slow dances and also dance effects for the upbeat portion of the event.

James Squires Jupiter Florida
DJ James

Future Projects

Currently James is working on adding VJ (Video) elements into the shows. With Music Video mixing comes the ability to add large screen TV’s playing the original Music Videos from the playlists.

Another project is to provide Silent Disco dance parties. This requires headphones to be worn by the audience during the entire show. These parties can take place anywhere since the entire event is silent.